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When reporting the results of a validation experiment, it is important to include the derived estimates of diagnostic accuracy, including confidence intervals and all details that may affect the interpretation of these estimates, including the following:. Kuidas see töötab? Teadusartiklid teistes rahvusvahelistes teadusajakirjades, millel on registreeritud kood, rahvusvaheline toimetus, rahvusvahelise kolleegiumiga eelretsenseerimine, rahvusvaheline levik ning kättesaadavus ja avatus kaastöödele Polikarpus, Stella; Ley, Tobias; Poom-Valickis, Katrin In some cases, particularly when validating a new technology, local limitations of sample availability may necessitate an interlaboratory collaboration to collect a suitable number of samples to attain the required power for diagnostic validation.

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Publications 1. A four-country cross-case analysis of academic staff expectations about learning analytics in higher education. The Internet and Higher Education, 49, DOI: Adopting technology in schools: modelling, measuring and supporting knowledge appropriation. European Journal of Teacher Education [ilmumas].

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A Knowledge Appropriation Model Trading System Laboratory ulevaade connect scaffolded learning and knowledge maturation in workplace learning settings.

Jesmin, Triinu; Ley, Tobias Information, 11 1 Co-designing tools for workplace learning: A method for analysing and tracing the appropriation of affordances in design-based research.

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Cognitive capacity in self-directed learning: Evidence of middle school students' executive attention to resist distraction. Acta Psychologica, Peer-reviewed articles in other international research journals with an ISSN code and international editorial board, which are circulated internationally and open to international contributions Polikarpus, Stella; Ley, Tobias; Poom-Valickis, Katrin Tallinn: Sisekaitseakadeemia.

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How working memory capacity limits success in self-directed learning: a cognitive model of search and concept formation. Why clicks are not enough: designing a Learning Analytics service for the Estonian Open Educational Resources ecosystem.

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Kovanović, V.