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The productivity of solar modules is not constant over time continuum. Tagasihoidlik integreeritud paneelidega katus näeb väga hea välja ning minul aasta lõikes tuli elektri eest raha sisse mitte ei läinud välja. Teadlased usuvad, et kivi mikroskoopilised teemandid loodi põrutusest Maa atmosfääri või maakoore mõjul. All the final documentation have been done by Solarstone and presented to Elektrilevi. Riimas Tallinn We are very pleased with the collaboration we have together with Solarstone. It seems the topmost dirt is dry as, um, dust — even though there's water vapor in the air above it.

I am using the panels Hiina binaarsed variandid 6 months now and I am really happy with this solution.

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My roof is looking like ordinary, you will not notice the panels easily. I don't like how ordinary solar panels are secured to the roof, so I chose integrated solution. At the same time I saved some noticeable amount of money on the roofing tiles as a bonus:.

Since I have a ground to water heating system, my bill is close to zero.

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I am heating the All extra energy I am selling back to the grid, no expensive batteries required and with the green energy support I am Solar Stone System paid extra money from EU, what is great considering all initial costs.

The company helped me from the beginning with all preparations, documentation and even getting financial support for the green energy production, I would say you can rely on a such a team.

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In case of questions and technical support they did their job in a fast and professional manner I had to do some adjustment to the inverter and re-tight some electrical connections.

That's exactly the reason for being happy - the system is working properly, I am checking it frequently with online app and you have a company support.

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