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He is co-founder of the Malmö-based interaction design studio Unsworn. And can we even see a valid reason for the perpetuation of the human species when it continually and historically has been at the expense of and enslaved other life forms? Through a series of workshops and lectures, the participants will learn about and practice a variety of methodologies.

Participants will have access to a diverse range of futures that are possible within artistic research: from magic and meditation, to challenging McGggley Dynamic Trading System and hierarchies, to the Anthropocene and how various lighting sources affect our lives. The week begins with Views on Research which presents insight from international guest speakers as well as the KTD doctoral programme and research conducted by colleagues from Konstfack.

Parallel Sessions offer interactive workshops, discussions and performances within research, poetry and music. The week continues with Nodes which are presentations and workshops that explore specific topics in-depth. On the last day, the week concludes with Closing Events as well as the re-inauguration of Konstfack s Perception Studio. All events except nodes are open to the public. Her artistic work cuts across photography, text and collaborative projects.

She has also worked in local contexts such as the public art project with Karin Willén in Åtvidaberg, Sweden. Lantz has been the curator for Motiv, a journal on contemporary photography and she is the editor of the book Dhavari: Documenting Informalities. She has frequently composed reviews and critiques for the newspaper Dagens Nyheter and Swedish Radio.

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Anne Klontz is Head of Exhibitions at Konstfack and manages the production of the annual degree exhibition. He works with Konstfack s strategy for research and research education.


He is especially interested in how artistic education can be more based in artistic research and how artistic education can prepare students for research. Magnus Bärtås is Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Head of Research at Konstfack and an artist and writer working with text, film, collage and installation. In Goteborg s Konsthall presented a retrospective of his work. Vincent Normand is an art historian, writer and occasional curator.

He is also co-director and co-editor of the research platform and journal Glass Bead.

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His texts are published in various exhibition catalogues, edited volumes and journals. What could be some of the trajectories and practices, artistic, creative and unthinkable, that would deliver ecology from the violent destructive impulses of human occupation?

And can we even see a valid reason for the perpetuation of the human species when it continually and historically has been at the expense of and enslaved other life forms? Human exceptionalism is a love of power, which Foucault states is the underlying intensity of fascism.

I propose different intensities which pick up on current theories of abolitionist veganism, antinatalism and human extinction as vital and most importantly, careful practices of artistic contemplation and attentive duration intensities of grace, of radical compassion and ultimately a deceleration of the human to open the world to life.

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Patricia MacCormack s presentation is followed by a conversation with Erik Sandelin and a discussion with the audience. She has published extensively on philosophy, feminism, queer and monster theory, animal abolitionist activism, ethics, art and horror cinema. Erik is currently exploring human withdrawal through meat allergy, recreational fishing and mock-alien barbecues.

He is co-founder of the Malmö-based interaction design studio Unsworn. Time to change focus from what artistic research is to what it does? Thoughts on the history of a young field, and what we can learn from other disciplines. By Niclas Östlind The question how Optsioonide tehingute strateegiad pikka aega research should be defined has been crucial for the development of the field: What is the fundamental difference between art and artistic research?

How should it be seen in relation to more established research disciplines, and what is at stake in the negotiation between practice and theory?

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After two decades of important discussions and controversies, it is time to reflect more on what artistic researchers have contributed with and what the research has generated. What new perspectives, knowledge and understanding has it McGggley Dynamic Trading System and how has it developed methods, mediations and documentation?

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Since the field has gained strength, we can also start to be more open to other disciplines and learn from them to become stronger. Sincehe is part of a collaborative research project on film and photography cultures in the interwar period, which will be presented in a book and an exhibition at Hasselblad Center He is also scientific advisor in artistic research at the National Research Council.

Developing technologies and cultural Garanteeritud paevakaubandussusteem are throwing the status of human into question. It is against this context that Patricia McCormack delivers her expert justification for the ahuman.

Või kannatab ootamatu vigastuse korral ja ta ei saa töötada või on ebapiisav kindlustus, et katta arsti arveid? Kuidas sa reage, kui sa õpid kallimale, ei saa oma arveid maksta? Vaatame mõningaid võimalusi, mida võite kaaluda, et aidata teie pereliikmetel probleeme - ilma et teid rahaliselt haiget tekitataks. Kuid mõnede investorite arvates on selle mitu hinna ja tulu suurenenud üle kordse sissetuleku. Nagu me nägime viimastel aastatel teiste corporate shenanigans -ga, Stop-loss'i järjekord - veenduge, et kasutate seda Mis on nii paljude tahvlitega, et vaadata ja levitada, kui kaalute oste, on lihtne unustada väikesed asjad.

An alternative to posthuman thought, the term paves the way for thinking that doesn t dissolve into nihilism and despair, but actively embraces issues like human extinction, vegan McGggley Dynamic Trading System, atheist occultism, death studies, a refusal of identity politics, deep ecology and the apocalypse as an optimistic beginning. The Ahuman Manifesto navigates the ways in which we must compose the human differently, specifically beyond nihilism and post- and trans-humanism and outside human privilege.

This is so that we can actively think and live viscerally, with connectivity actual not virtualand with passion and grace, toward a new world.

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The Art, Technology and Design third-cycle subject area is located within an emerging research domain formed in dynamic meetings between artistic and scientific approaches, as well as between three different perspectives: art, technology and design. Via a collaboration between KTH and Konstfack, the programme McGggley Dynamic Trading System a new arena for meetings between different knowledge cultures and methods of research, innovation and production in art, technology and design.

Owing to its focus on meetings of perspectives, the research domain is interdisciplinary. Research projects in the subject are based on a critically analytic approach that a. Curating Post-Anthropocentric Speculations By Petra Lilja Petra Lilja will present insights from her curatorial work, the exhibition The Age of Entanglements, where post-humanist flows of content are interwoven with far-future scenarios.

Responding to what could be called a new space hype within the design field, the exhibition takes a more critical stand point, encouraging the eight participating design studios to work with the planet of Mars as a projection plane for critique and speculation.

The project focuses on non-human others rendered invisible in the current space narrative, as well as in the conventional design process, as both are predominantly tech and progression oriented.

Это умиротворяющее прикосновение вывело Сьюзан из оцепенения. Внезапно она вспомнила, зачем искала Стратмора, и повернулась к. - Коммандер. Северная Дакота - это Грег Хейл. Сьюзан едва ли не физически ощутила повисшее молчание.

What are the implications of using speculative McGggley Dynamic Trading System applied to material and performative experiments, as well as to discursive investigations. Mat s research focuses upon critical and conceptual musicality, and interactions between sound, music and contemporary art. His PhD, funded by the AHRC, examined the history of radical experimental music in Japan and was completed in Mat s research and creative practice continues to critically explore notions of language, composition and performativity through sound.

Working most recently as composer and producer on a project with Budapest Symphony Orchestra inthe social, cultural and political functions of music and sound composition have remained of constant interest to him in his work and, with this, questions related to meaningmaking and the practice of listening.

Her practice is critically examining the role of the industrial designer, trained to solve human problems by using resources like materials and labor without the profession s expectations to care about their histories.

Lilja has run a design gallery in Malmö and worked as design lecturer at LNU. Bauhütte By Adam Bergholm Adam Bergholm s work grapples with the raging neo-liberalization of cities, with their toxic combination McGggley Dynamic Trading System exploitation, predatory competitiveness and social centri fugation. Concerned with the impact of cultural work as an accelerator of these factors, Bergholm explores models for how critical stances could be performed to avoid being co-opted and colonized in times of capitalist realism.

For the occasion of Konstfack Research Week, he will present a set of transgressive methodologies and actions from an ongoing research work: Bauhütte. Keywords: bricolage, camouflage, contested space, critical craft, key fabrication, potemkin façade, spatial hacking, transgressivism, undercommons. Ahuman Design By Erik Sandelin How can designers aptly respond to the ceaseless exploitation of nonhuman animals?

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Emerging posthuman approaches attempt to disrupt human supremacy through celebrating entanglement with the animal and the vegetal. Abolitionist vegan activists, on the other hand, call for avoiding all interaction with other animals.

In this presentation I meander toward an experiential ethics of creative withdrawal, of stepping aside, of unmaking unethical relations, towards the ahuman who says: I am not so the other may be MacCormack By a. Soul Catcher By Behzad Khosravi Drama is no mere setting up of the camera to nature; it is the presentation in parable of the conflict between Man s will and his environment.

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Novak asks a question: If drama is no mere setting up of the camera to nature, as Shaw insists, what happens when the camera and the photographer are the subjects of drama? In a min performance, we will re-explore the act of photography and possible drama behind the process of capturing an image in a group Ryan Watt Trading System. The image will be taken by a camera named Rooh-kich Soul Catcher in Urdu langue.

This unique apparatus operated in diverse geographies within the Global South during post-colonial times. Warren s Profession. Careful Epistemológica By Luis Berríos-Negrón Epistemologica is a term that generally signifies the typologies of epistemic objects and support structures of science for demonstrating physical phenomena. Now, Lauren Berlant, in her work based on that of Susan Star, claims that: Infrastructure is not identical to system or structure, as we currently see them, because infrastructure is defined by the movement or patterning of social form.

It is the living mediation of what organizes life: the lifeworld of structure. In my talk I will go over differential infrastructures of support, display, and demonstration. Thereon, from my Caribbean perspective, I will contrast that in regards to how Western technoscience has driven privileged human perspectives with McGggley Dynamic Trading System environmental consequences.

I will review how we may generate affirmative, decolonial agency to displace such privilege perspectives, namely through my McGggley Dynamic Trading System deposition of greenhouse.

Luis Berríos-Negrón explores the perceptions, enactments, and displays of environmental form. He often calls these practise-based research works social discussing hands-on McGggley Dynamic Trading System of recreational fishing, mock-alien barbecues, and red meat allergy, I try to open up for what may ultimately be an undesigning of humans.

He is co-founder of the Malmöbased interaction design studio Unsworn.

Behzad Khosravi Noori lives in Stockholm and Tehran. His research-based practice includes films, installations, as well as archival studies.

His works investigate histories from The Global South, labour and the means of production and histories of political relationships that have existed as a counter narration to the east-west dichotomy during the Cold War. Behzad Khosravi Noori uses personal experience as a springboard to establish, through artistic research, a hypothetical relationship between personal memories and significant world events, between micro and macro histories.

His works emphasize films and historical materials to bring the questions such as: What happens to the narration when it crosses the border? Or, What is the future of our collective past? Berríos-Negrón founded the Anxious Prop art collective and the Paramodular environmental design group, and he is an associate member of the M.

Council for the Arts.

Participants will have access to a diverse range of futures that are possible within artistic research: from magic and meditation, to challenging canons and hierarchies, to the Anthropocene and how various lighting sources affect our lives.

It is as much a cultural and architectural problem. One of McGggley Dynamic Trading System most persistent architectural conventions is to consider abstract space before objects and materials.

Building elements and furnishings should be subservient to a larger whole. This approach is aligned with a view on the world that is inherited from industrialism, in which any materials could McGggley Dynamic Trading System sourced anew and moulded into shape indefinitely.

Reuse, as a conceptual approach to architecture, is different in that the starting point is a specific and limited stock of elements and chunks of materials. Each piece of material comes with a set of qualities a character that may be amplified, subverted or altered. In addition, depending on the relation between the context of the McGggley Dynamic Trading System structure and the new structure, reused objects may be charged with different cultural value and meaning.

It imagines a city that is constantly being rebuilt using the same stock of materials. At the triennale, Under Construction was exhibited in the form of a large model, constructed of materials McGggley Dynamic Trading System on demolition sites in Stockholm. The studio views architecture as Kasutades raha Bitcoin Eris cultural practice and their work ranges from interiors and buildings to artistic research and exhibitions.

Martín Ávila is a designer, researcher and Professor of Design at Konstfack.

His PhD, Devices. His postdoctoral project Symbiotic Tactics has been the first of its kind to be financed by the Swedish Research Council.

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Martín s research is design-driven and addresses forms of interspecies cohabitation. See also 11 12 Views on research Tuesday p.