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It is an irresistible force that keeps us grounded on this big, Gravity Trading Strateegia keskus, floating blue marble. It is even applicable to organizations in the form of organizational gravity. Sure, organizational gravity keeps the organization grounded and focused.


It may also contribute to a passion for continuous improvement at a very tactical, discreet level. But, it also narrows that focus at the expense of innovation and adaptability, two of the most critical abilities of successful organizations.

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So how do we defy organizational gravity? Continuous Improvement PlanningEvery company or organization begins as a plan. Never forget that!

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Continuous improvement planning is the key to defying organizational gravity. However, this is the wrong way to look at it. What about a new project? Any continuous improvement planning in that?

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Sure there is. Large scale projects are unique, even if there are a number of processes involved, because in a sense, these projects have never been performed before. If you are an entrepreneur pursuing a new business idea, you begin with a plan.

That plan may be a formal business plan or it may just be an idea sketched out on the back of an envelope. Ultimately, with success, those plans transform into processes, Binaarsed valikud parimad sustaining framework of the business — and that is where organizational gravity begins to tighten its grip.

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As our ideas coalesce into plans and the plans further coalesce into concrete processes, organizational gravity strengthens and holds the organization together. It is this necessary and proper transformation from plan to process that, for good and ill, perpetuates the relentless assault of organizational gravity. As a positive force, we might call it focus.

However, the cons of organizational gravity include stagnation and paralyzing bureaucracy. Three Tasks to Defy Organizational Gravity Freeing ourselves from the constraints of organizational gravity while anchoring ourselves safely in the terra firma of our proven processes takes a constant commitment to accomplish three tasks: Gravity Trading Strateegia keskus state a clear objective, always align every objective to your purpose, and always plan over the process.

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Have a Clear Objective The objective is everything! I often observe individuals and teams charging forward to execute a task or project without a clear objective in mind.

They get caught up in doing without thinking, and if you stop these individuals to ask what the main objective is, they would have a very difficult time articulating what it is they are attempting to achieve. However, if you ask them to think clearly about their objective, they often realize that their approach is Gravity Trading Strateegia keskus or even wrong.

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Always have a defined objective for even the most routine tasks. This will help you think freshly in terms of the continuous improvement process. Consider how you will achieve the objective and question whether a given process or approach is really sufficient, effective, or relevant.

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  7. It is an irresistible force that keeps us grounded on this big, beautiful, floating blue marble.
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Plan Over the Process Third, always plan over the process. The Blue Angels, the U. Do you think that the Blue Angels fly a process? No, they fly a continuous improvement plan that they adapt to every different location, situation and changing weather condition. Unless you are manufacturing the same widget day in and day out, you need to plan over the process.

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First, ask what stands in your way — what threatens the successful accomplishment of your objective? Second, ask what resources are needed to accomplish this objective.

Existing processes fool us into making assumptions about threats and resources — that they remain the same day-in and day-out. Never assume that a process may be followed blindly without considering what may have changed in the current context. Instead, plan over the process — never assume a process is sufficient in every given scenario.

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Always perform fresh continuous improvement planning by considering new threats and resources and then develop a new course of action appropriate to the present context.

Balancing the benefits and limiting tendencies of organizational Gravity Trading Strateegia keskus comes down to maintaining a clarity of purpose, approaching every task, every project, and every day as an opportunity to conduct continuous improvement planning.

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