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Connie Brown has a global reputation of developing analysis that focuses on the integration of global markets.

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The approach found in this first book differs from the traditional view of EWP because it shows you how geometry and the use of simple boxes drawn within a trend will guide you away from the common complaint of subjectivity, thereby making smarter trades of higher probability. While EWP can be a challenging topic, the structure of this book eases you into the analysis principles.

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With Mastering Elliott Wave Principle you are guided step-by-step through the learning phases Elliott Wave Trading System Elliott Wave analysis and then your understanding is further challenged through self-examination. The preliminary coaching unravels common misunderstandings that sabotage the beginner.

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You will discover how Elliott Wave Trading System swings and waves are not the same. Elements of balance and proportion are mathematical concepts taught through geometry and not subjective.

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These basic skills establish a foundation that allow beginners to understand what to expect from their level of skill. There are three distinct levels of skill that all masters of the EWP have learned.

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Now there is a series to guide your understanding at each skill level so you can develop a working knowledge of how to define market positions around the world in short or long term time horizons. Bring your biases, bring your past concerns and discover how this breakthrough and original approach to teaching the Wave Principle can help you. Connie trades for an institutional bank and offers research and analysis to financial institutions worldwide.

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She also trains other advanced professionals and hedge fund managers. She has written nine books and was recently the editor of the Journal of Technical Analysis.

Brown has been a professional trader with extensive global experience trading futures markets since

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