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Betfair Trading Systems little difference is attitude.

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The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. Clement Stone The most significant characteristic of this market for some time has been a positive and upbeat mood.

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Market players have been quite optimistic and haven't found all that much to worry them. Sure, we have the usual litany of bearish concerns and proclamations that we are heading for disaster, but the market has been chugging along since July with nary a pause and there continues to be little of major concern.

The lesson of a positive attitude is that it tends to feed on itself and that is really what market momentum is all about.

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If market players are feeling positive and inclined to find the good in everything, then it really doesn't matter what the reality may be.

The negatives don't have much effect on market direction if they are simply ignored. Unfortunately, positive thinking in the stock market doesn't last forever.

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It certainly can last a lot longer than we think it might, but at some point we will shift to an environment where negativity dominates and most everything will be Betfair Trading Systems in a Pooramise strateegia light. The great challenge of the market is finding that point where positive thinking begins to morph into negativity.

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Many market players make the mistake of overanticipating when things will change while others hold on forever and seem incapable of embracing the idea that conditions have changed. As we contemplate the current market the main thing we need to keep in mind is that when market players are in a positive mood, they don't tend to give up quickly. The very nature of positive thinking is that you don't let worries and negatives affect the way you look at things.

You always seek out the positives Betfair Trading Systems that Betfair Trading Systems exactly what has been going on this market for a while.


As positive seasonality winds down and earnings season starts, we need to watch for cracks in the mood. The earnings were fine but nothing particularly special. Is the market still feeling upbeat and positive enough to shrug it off and say it doesn't care?

Intel is indicated down about 90 cents so investors will have a chance to show how confident they are by snapping up shares on this dip.

Apple earnings are going to be particularly interesting because, unlike Intel, expectations are very high. R Overseas markets held up fairly well in the face of the Intel report.

Oil is trading below 51 and gold is weak.

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