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In many, if not most places, they are abundant. Nii et ma pean vaatama - ma ei saa sellele küsimusele vastata. Ja mida kõrgem on vase hinne, seda kõrgem on kulla hinne. Ja nii ta on juht, kes teab vara väga hästi ja on minevikus seal edukamalt saavutanud. No, I understand they haven't made that decision.

When concerns about declining populations of amphibians reached the mass media, the Secretaries' office became involved.

Palun laske käia. Ma tahan lihtsalt lohistada veidi rohkem Salobo III laienemismaksetest, mida suunate miljoni dollarini miljoni dollarini.

In addition to using traditional research mechanisms to investigate the problem, the Secretary also wanted to involve the public directly. The combination of high public appeal and the relative ease with which frog calls can be learned made a large-scale monitoring program for frogs and toads possible. What emerged was a program called Frogwatch USA, modeled after a successful Canadian program with a similar name.

A web site was created www. Observers chose where to count frogs depending on what they felt was important. For some it was their backyard, others chose vulnerable wetlands in their neighborhoods, or spots on local refuges and parks. But once that payment is made, it will trigger a time line that -- as a commitment on their side, and so it would definitely fall into our guidance at that point.

Tänan väga. And if we could see this sort of pushed out again into and '21 as a free cash flow build in the balance sheet strength and obviously acknowledging dependent on acquisitions. But interesting to see you Michael Gray Share Option tehingud a floor on there with the upside linked to the metal prices. We just felt that it's Michael Gray Share Option tehingud of the next step. Our cash flows are strong. We've got a very strong organic growth profile coming down the pipe, and so we wanted to just provide some more surety toward the dividend itself and we thought the approach to take.

We still like the concept of having it loosely tied to our operating mis muub binaarseid voimalusi flows. It still has the opportunity to climb up.

But we just felt that over the course of the year, we've given some more surety toward being able to deliver this on a regular basis. With respect to and and subsequent years, we're going to have a look at the financial situation at every year-end and make that determination. Can't commit one way or the other at all, there's so much that can change between now and then that it will be a function of many different factors in terms of that decision. But my hope is, is that we never have to drop it below this and that it would continue to grow as our company continues to grow.

One housekeeping question for me. The taxes payable sitting on the balance sheet in current liabilities, when does that get paid out just so we all know when it hits the operating cash flow line?

Рука Сьюзан задрожала, и пейджер упал на пол возле тела Хейла. Сьюзан прошла мимо него с поразившим его выражением человека, потрясенного предательством. Коммандер не сказал ни слова и, медленно наклонившись, поднял пейджер.

So we'd expect that to get paid in the Q1, Q2 period as we finalize the reassessments for to ' These are primarily development-stage financing opportunities that would require very little upfront capital as any spending would be staged throughout the development time line, which is typically for a lot of these projects 12 to 36 months. I would hope to be successful on one or two of these in the next 12 to 18 months.

And I think this staged payments will, as Gary mentioned, allow for a continued focus on repaying Wheaton's debt. Thanks very much and good luck in Your next question comes from the line of Trevor Turnbull with Scotiabank.

Droege, S. In many, if not most places, they are abundant. In wetter parts of the East, almost anyone outside on a warm rainy night in spring will hear their dream-like calls, bellows, trills and snores.

Trevor Turnbull -- Scotiabank -- Analyst I think you answered my question when you were talking to Brian, but just in case, with respect to the option on the Salobo III expansion that contemplates having a guaranteed kind of high-grade option where you would, I guess, have Vale stockpiling some of the lower-grade material, is it safe to say that the mine plan kind of as it exists today and the technical reports from the past is more of the low-grade option and what you're contemplating is upside if they do adopt the higher-grade guarantees?

So they have studied both the high-grade and the low-grade scenario, and they haven't made a decision. It's not even just one or the order. It's a multiple of scalable options. The biggest difference in this would be the amount -- the size of the mobile fleet that they would need.

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Obviously, if they were going to stockpile more low-grade material, it would require a bit of extra mining capacity in the pit. We don't see -- the pit itself is not production limited, so there's no issues on that front.

And so it's really just a matter of them deciding how much capital they want to spend.

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It's our belief that the economics behind it would justify it, but there's other factors that come into play. But the economics would support focusing on the high grade and pushing low grade to the side.

So they haven't committed. That's one of the reasons that we don't have it in our five-year plan is because they haven't committed to which mine plan they're going to follow. And they really don't have to commit to a mine plan until -- mobile fleet deliveries, that's the quickest part of any of the infrastructure that's required here.

And so they probably won't be making a final decision on that front until or so. I wouldn't expect -- there's no need to -- the processing facility itself is still going to be consistent all the way through. Trevor Turnbull -- Scotiabank -- Analyst Jah.

No, I understand they haven't made that decision. But given the fact that they would need to add to the mobile fleet, the implication would be they wouldn't be prepared to do that much kind of management of stockpiles at this stage.

So whatever's been in the technical reports up to this point would be more of a less -- optimized scenario is what I'm getting at. Actually, you know what?

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Sul on õigus. They do have low-grade stockpiles that they've set aside. But it has been sort of a balance between -- look, I would say that right now, they've been sort of taking almost a middle-of-the-road path than anything else. They're not pursuing sort of the high grade.

They're not also pursuing low grade. They're kind of in the middle of the road right now, the current mine plan.

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Thanks, Randy. How do those terms strike you?

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Is there more depths in the market for you to do more cobalt, palladium deals? And can we look forward to lithium, dysprosium, yttrium or other specialized deals? Our focus continues to be on precious metals. We've always said gold and silver are our primary focus, although platinum and palladium are also metals we'll consider.

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When you talk about cobalt and other metals, we're not adverse to looking at other best-in-class assets, and that further contributes to the high-quality portfolio we have.

But let me be clear, our model works best when you stream precious metals from a base metal asset because there's a valuation arbitrage opportunity that allows us to create value for both parties.

So that is the type of opportunity where we focus the majority of our time. I'd say it reflects the competitive environment out there. I mean, right now, we see a lot of smaller projects. The smaller-scale projects and the smaller-scale companies are not getting the equity support, and so there's a healthy appetite. And so I just think it reflects that. When you look at some of the structure and some of the security, or lack thereof, on these projects, these aren't the type of assets that we're stretching for, that we're -- I mean, we look at everything because we want to get a good handle in terms of what's out there, what's available.

And it's amazing how many times these things come back sometime in the future. And so we do look at everything, but I can tell you these most recent transactions weren't high-priority transactions or opportunities Michael Gray Share Option tehingud us.

John Tumazos -- Very Independent Research -- Analyst So Franco does energy deals and Sandstorm or SCCO and Royal Gold have invested in some mine development projects or start-ups or working interest, do you see yourself venturing, tiptoeing into some of those things when the straight gold deal is too expensive?

I mean, I'll reiterate, Haytham's comments, our focus is precious metals. We do see opportunities. We don't need to do transactions. That's one of the key messages that I think that we need to put out here is that we have got such a strong organic growth profile in our own portfolio right now that we're happy to sit and wait and be patient.

We like those kind of assets just from a diversity perspective, but they just don't move the needle much for us.

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And so our focus is to wait for the better quality assets. Oleme keskendunud väärismetallidele. Oleme arengufaasis mugavad.

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Tegelikult ütleksin, et see mudel tugineb rahastamise arendamisele, kus voogedastus algselt tulenes sellest. Ja ütleksin, et me siseneme sellesse tsüklisse jälle, kui enamik asju, mida me vaatame, on arendustüüp, kus rahastate kasvu, rahastate laiendusi, rahastate omandamisi. See kõik on mängu. Aga te ei näe meid nafta ja gaasi tehingutega.

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Te isegi ei näe meid teiste kaupade suhtes. Kui Haytham ütles, kui meil on võimalus oma klassi parimale tootele, mida me rõõmustame, vaatame seda, kuid see ei tähenda - meie tähelepanu on suunatud ja nimena See tähendab, et jätkuvalt keskendutakse selle muutmisele, et muuta see ettevõte parimaks väärismetallide investeerimisühinguks.

John Tumazos - väga iseseisev uuring - analüütik Tänan teid küsimuste eest.

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Randy Smallwood - president ja tegevjuht Tänan teid, John. See on ikka veel siin, poisid. Salobo III, lihtsalt pisut rohkem peksmaks, peksid seda, hinne protsentuaalne muutus, Randy, mis võib tulla kõrgekvaliteedilisest stsenaariumist, kas sa võiksid meile sellest aru saada, kas kas protsentuaalne reservi hinne 10 aastat või palgaastme profiili, mis muidu oleks madalates klassides?

Milline on muutus delta ja hinne kohta, millest sa räägid või millest sa mõtled? Randy Smallwood - president ja tegevjuht Noh, siin on see, mida võin teile öelda, et see on - ma ei taha teile täpset numbrit anda just sellepärast, et seal on mõned avalikustamisprobleemid. Kuid ma võin teile öelda, et see põhineb tootmisvõimsusel, mitte reservide tasemel, tootmise kvaliteediklassidel, mida töödeldakse kogu töötlemisettevõtte kaudu. Nii et mitte ainult laienemisvõimalus, mitte ainult kolmas rida, vaid mis on keskmine vase hinne.

Ja seda juhib vase hinne, mitte kulla hinne, sest me teame, et selle vara puhul on vase ja kulla vahel väga tugev korrelatsioon.

Ja mida kõrgem on vase hinne, seda kõrgem on kulla hinne.