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Governance and legitimacy of the Forest Stewardship Council certification in the national contexts — A comparative study of Belarus and Poland. Long-term vegetation monitoring in Great Britain — the Countryside Survey — and beyond. New Horizons in Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram, India Spyra, S. Psühhiaatria: laste soolise ebavõrdsuse osas on propageeritud erinevaid kliinilisi lähenemisviise Olles lapsena osalenud Luterliku ja Presbüterliku Pühapäevakooli jumalateenistustel, kasvasin ma üles koos Piibli jutustustega Jeesuse imedest, nagu ka teadmisega tema tähendamissõnadest.

Keskkonnakaitse ja maastikukorralduse õppetooli ning Maastikuarhitektuuri õppetooli kuni töötajate ja kraadiõppurite poolt publitseeritud artiklid Updated: Polymers, 13 2. Bogs, birds, and berries in Belarus: the governance and management dynamics of wetland restoration in a state-centric, top-down context.

At the end of August, the tourism industry sent a letter to the government asking for the scheme to be extended, as has been done in other countries such as Germany. The government does not want to extend the wage compensation scheme - which ended in July - and saw the state pay the majority of salaries to workers who could not work during the emergency situation caused by coronavirus. The scheme was intended to survive the first economic shock, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas Center said and there is no money for a new round of general support.

Ecology and Society, 26 1. Remote Sensing. Land, 10 3 Phylogenetic structure of understorey annual and perennial plant species reveals opposing responses to aridity in a Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot. The Science of The Total Environment, Mendes, G. Cornelissen, T. Binaarsete valikute vahetamine much leaf area do insects eat?

See ei vääriks üldse mainimist, kui asjassepuutuvad isikud piirduksid oma uurimisvallaga — inglise kirjanduse ehk tekstidega, nagu nad ise eelistavad öelda.

A dataset of insect herbivory sampled globally with a standardized protocol. Ecology [ilmumas].

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Environmental drivers and sustainable transition of dachas in Eastern Europe: An analytical overview.

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Land Use Policy, What is the quality of participatory renewable energy planning in Europe? A comparative analysis of innovative practices in 25 projects. A novel UAV-based approach for biomass prediction and grassland structure assessment in coastal meadows.

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Finance minister mulls voucher compensation scheme to help tourism industry

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Landscape coherence revisited: GIS-based mapping in relation to scenic values and preferences estimated with geolocated social media data. Ecological Indicators, UAV photogrammetry for volume calculations.

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Open windrow composting of fish waste in Estonia. Agronomy Research 18 4 Environmental drivers of sediment carbon storage in temperate seagrass meadows. Hydrobiologia,— Massante JC, Gerhold P Environment and evolutionary history depict phylogenetic alpha and beta diversity in the Atlantic coastal white-sand woodlands.

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