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So the big question now is whether we have a sell-the-news reaction now. Me vähendame ka meie platvormi hõõrdumist, lihtsustame registreerimist ja kassasse, võimaldades samal ajal registreerimata kasutajatel otsinguid salvestada ja lisada jälgimisnimekirja objekte ilma konto vajaduseta. Ja nii, ROI ei ole nii hea ületunnitöö. Me arendame oma lähenemist ja plaanime suunata oma toodete ja turunduse ressursse, et vastata nii uute kui ka olemasolevate kasutajate vajadustele. Teisest küljest oleme kolinud nii otsingu- kui ka turundusteenustesse paigutatud fikseeritud paigutustesse ja mõned meie vaatamisobjekti lehele.

The Republicans Tervise valikute ja kauplemise pro around 60 seats and took control of the House of Representatives, but the Democrats were able to hold on to the Senate despite some losses.

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There were few surprises, but it clearly was certainly a good night SBgi Share Option Tehingud the Republicans. The market has been anticipating gridlock in Washington for a while, so now the question is whether we can continue to rally now that we have it.

There is probably a good chance that the Bush tax cuts will be extended for everyone as the Democrats show some willingness to be flexible. That is a market positive, but the biggest positive, as far as I'm concerned, is that with Nancy Pelosi out the door, any discussion of a tax on trading is likely to be dead and buried. So the big question now is whether we have a sell-the-news reaction now.

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What greatly complicates things is that we still have to wait for very important news from the Federal Open-Market Committee this afternoon. The decision on further quantitative easing is likely to have as much impact as the election on the market. Market players are going to hesitate to make big moves until we see that announcement today at pm EDT. For quite some time the bears have been looking forward to a sell-the-news reaction to today's news but the market seldom makes it that easy.

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With the Fed news still to come, it is even more difficult than it would normally be. I believe the bears still run a very high risk of being squeezed before they see the downside they are anticipating.

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In fact, we already have some early strength building on yesterday's strong close. The bulls definitely need to be careful here and watch for signs that selling is going to accelerate, but I suspect that the dip buyers are going to be very active on the first few pullbacks and will not let the market slip too much.

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Overall, the election results are a positive for the market. We should have a better business environment and, hopefully, a greater level of certainty as the parties have no choice but to work together if they want to pass anything SBgi Share Option Tehingud.

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Voters sent a clear message that they are unhappy with the way Washington has been functioning, and it is going to be very interesting to hear what President Obama has to say when he speaks later today. When Bill Clinton found himself in a very similar situation, SBgi Share Option Tehingud shifted Binaarne valikute asutus priorities and we ended up with one of the best economic environments we have ever had.

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Many are afraid that President Obama is too much of an ideologue to make a similar shift, but we shall find out soon enough, especially with the fight over the Bush tax cuts looming. We have a positive open, and market players are anxiously awaiting the Fed decision this afternoon.

Don't be too quick to count on a sell-the-news reaction, as it is over-anticipated and there are still too many bulls out there looking to jump in on weakness.

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The good news is that the traders' tax issue is now completely dead. That may not have been a big worry, so it won't be a driving force today, but it sure makes the long-term market picture look a lot better.

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