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The Tell Arab word for "hill" is 32 m high with a whole covered area of 37 hectares. The Tell, with its huge dimensions and with a great amount of pottery on the surface, is a precious area to study the regional history from IV mill. BC to Islamic and Medieval period.

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The geophysical study consisted in magnetic and electromagnetic measurements in the lower town area. The aim of this survey was to provide evidence of the presence of buried archaeological structures around an already excavated area.

The Tell Arab word for "hill" is 32 m high with a whole covered area of 37 hectares.

The wall structures in the Tell Barri are made by backed or crude clay bricks. The electromagnetic instrument used, Geonics Ltd. It was used in vertical coils configuration, and this choice should grant a maximum theoretical investigation depth of about 6 m.

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Before starting the measurements on a larger scale, we conducted Kas tasub investeerida Cryptographic Valutisse magnetic and EM test profile on some already excavated, outcropping, baked bricks walls. Results were encouraging, because clear and strong magnetic and EM anomalies were recorded over the outcropping walls.

However, in the survey area these structures are covered by 3 to 4 meters of clay material and the increased sensors-structures distance will reduce the anomalies amplitude. Moreover, the cover material is disseminated with bricks, basalt blocks and ceramics, all of which have relevant magnetic properties.

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After magnetic surveying some 50 m side square areas, we verified that unfortunately their effect resulted to be dominant with respect to the deeper wall structures, degrading too much the signal-to-noise ratio. The processing and analysis of magnetic data is however currently underway and will determine decisions about further use of this method.

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